Advisory Support

Why our service

Advise on Forex Regulations of India is the forte of PnP. PnP specialises in providing very straight forward, simple and yet unique solutions. In the Indian context, Forex Regulatory issues can often make or break a deal. PnP’s ability to address such critical issues at the initial stage will bring true value addition to clients.

Quiet often, a lot of attention is given to tax issues while considering investments or trade with India but, unfortunately, little or no serious attention is given to Forex Regulatory issues. Many a time, these Forex Regulatory non compliances will turn the whole profitable transaction into a loss transaction.

The present tax system in India levies around 33% as direct Income Tax on “Taxable Profits”. However, if any transaction is conducted in India without compliance of Forex Regulatory issues, the penalty that can be imposed by Government will be upto 300% of the Transaction value. This explains how important is Forex Regulatory compliance while doing business in / with India.

The only practice are of PnP is Forex Regulatory compliance. PnP will not deal with any other issues like Direct Taxes or Indirect taxes or other Regulatory licenses or issues. PnP believes that this uni focus concentration on one service area alone will bring absolute value addition and benefit the client in a long way than giving a platter of advises in all areas with half knowledge in all the areas. This theory PnP believes fully.

PnP provides comprehensive advisory support of Forex Regulatory compliance to: