Why our service

PnP is equipped to provide expert consultation on Foreign Exchange Regulatory compliance areas in respect of all investments and other trade transactions with / in India.

In addition, PnP also provides comprehensive handholding assignments such as:

» Mapping of Regulatory Processes
» Representation before Government Authorities
» Assistance in obtaining approvals
» Assistance in obtaining clarifications
» Restructuring the whole process of application

Typically the handholding service will be processed as under:

Review Module :

The details of the assignment will be reviewed comprehensively and a plan of action is designed with the following :

» What is the objective
» What information to be gathered from the client
» What information to be gathered from third parties viz., banks, customers etc.,
» Preparing the application to achieve the objective

Filing Module:

The application or request before the concerned Authority:

» Authorized Dealers – Banks
» Reserve Bank of India
» Foreign Investment Promotion Board - Government of India

Representation Module:

Meticulously following up with the concerned Authority and supporting the application with relevant details, case Law, precedents and earlier views taken by the authorities.

Completion Module:

Obtaining the necessary approvals from the Regulators.

In the unlikely event of not getting the approval, a thorough analysis will be made to reorganize the application by making structural changes and again continuing the whole process till the objective is achieved.

Post obtaining approvals, providing comprehensive Check Lists to keep complying with the Guidelines and Regulations.

PnP handled several assignments on handholding basis and cleared all the assignments with 100% Success Rate.