Why our service

PnP provides a comprehensive Forex Regulatory Risk assessment and support for Regulatory investigations and representation. There are several cases PnP has come across where the investments into India are well structured taking very effective planning of Tax Laws and all legal issues except forex regulatory issues. In such cases, the non compliances are identified either by a Regulator or by a Legal due diligence team at the time of a Merger or Acquisition. In either case all the non compliances, which are nothing but contraventions needs to be regularized suo moto by the contravener or the Enforcement Authorities of India will invoke investigations into such issues.

PnP is having extensive knowledge in providing Regularisation services by making a systematic analysis of all the transactions of the client and examining the contraventions / non compliances committed.

Preparing a structured report addressing all the issues by compounding the contraventions before the Regulatory Authorities on suo moto basis, thereby making a compelling case to authorities to take a lenient view and impose least possible penalties and regularize the transactions. Once Regularisation is done through compounding process, then as per Indian Forex Regulatory guidelines it will be construed as if such contraventions have not taken place and the person involved will get complete immunity from the investigation agencies.

PnP advised several clients on the compounding process and regularized the contraventions, which is a true value addition to the client.

PnP also assists clients who are under investigation by Regulators by providing focused support in defending their cases before Adjudicating Authorities in India. PnP is having extensive experience in this area and several clients have benefited by this service.

PnP provides following Regularisation Services:

» Forex Regulatory issues Audit

» Compounding Procedures

» Investigation Assistance

» Adjudicating Assistance